We’ll start with the good news! My results from the one-hour glucose test came back negative, which means no gestational diabetes for me this time!!! Hurrah!!! I almost felt like celebrating with donuts but then I remembered the midwife still made me feel bad about my weight-gain (did I mention this in my last post? If not, she did, said she would have recommended I ONLY gain about 20 lbs with this pregnancy (I’ve gained nearly 30), and well, duh, obviously that’d be great, however no matter how good I eat, since I stopped feeling nauseated 24/7 at my 11/12 week mark, the weight has piled on), so I’ve been trying to go easy on the carbs and stick to protein when I can. Or at least trying to counter the carbs with protein. And I cut out my beloved OJ as the midwife suggested and I’ve upped my walking.

Our moving truck still hasn’t arrived (the bad news) so I went out the other day and drove a complete circle around the North Dallas area to buy a used double Bob jogging stroller so that I could at least take Dean and the dogs for a walk. I got a great deal, but it turns out it’s a fixed-wheel Bob so it’s a little stiffer than I’m used to with my single Bob that has the nice turney wheel – so if any fixed-wheel Bob owners are out there and have suggestions on how to help it manage turns a little easier, I would really appreciate it.

Because our movers still haven’t arrived, I still have no place to sit (comfortably) other than our bed and I’m still used as a jungle gym by our toddler and I haven’t had a single meal in a week where there hasn’t been a toddler on my lap. I’ve begged Michael to spoil me a little bit this weekend and at least have us go out to lunch or dinner so that Dean can sit in a high chair and I can eat a meal without a tiny human globbed onto me (Since in 2.5 months I will have another tiny human stuck to me 24/7).

Today, when we found out the movers weren’t coming until Monday for sure, it’s taken all I have not to sit and cry in a corner somewhere. I’m just worn out. And I know we have it better than so many people out there, but not having the comforts of home (like stuff to cook with and places for my pregnant ass to sit) makes things really difficult and it’s been really hard because Dean has really needed some just lazy days at home after all the chaos but we haven’t had any of his stuff, like the kiddie pool and outdoor toys and his busy board, etc. that he’s used to occupying his time with when he needs a lazy day – so instead I keep trying to keep him happy at the park or the pool, but it’s so hot he’s just ready to go home after 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think toys are the answer. We’ve spent hours in our backyard letting Dean just play in the potting soil, throwing balls to the dogs, etc. and we’ve found ways to relax indoors with the books we managed to pack, etc. but still, there are a lot of hours in the day when your toddler only naps once and only for 1.5-2 hours.

Needless to say, I’m grateful it’s the weekend, and Michael’s boss has given him the day off Monday and Tuesday to help with the movers, and then my mom comes Tuesday afternoon, so next week will have it’s own chaos, but at least I’ll have other adults to talk to. Something I never realized I would miss since Michael worked from home and I was able to talk to him sporadically throughout the day and I had plenty of neighborhood moms I could squeeze a last-minute playdate with. I’m eager to meet some mom friends here and hoping that in the next week or so I can figure out where they’re all hiding in the neighborhood and get us some good playdates.

Happy weekend!