imgresWell, I can’t remember if I mentioned it in previous posts or not since it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything, but we have relocated to the great state of Texas for my husband’s job and we have one full weekend under our belts.

The move was kind of a nightmare for me. Not that things didn’t go smoothly – but good lord the logistics of moving halfway across the country with a toddler, two dogs and a cat and a house full of stuff is not easy. Michael’s company paid for our movers, but we still had to have one set of movers for the house stuff, one set for the cars, and another for the pets.

The cars are about to be delivered as I type (and they have a toy chest in the trunk for Dean, who has been SUCH a trooper these past months), the dogs will be delivered sometime tomorrow evening, and the house stuff will likely not be delivered until the 24th! It suuuuucks living without a)- a place to sit other than our Purple mattress which we had shipped to the house and Dean’s pack n’play, b)-no/minimal kitchen utensils/supplies because it means no yummy home-cooked meals, c)-a vacuum because all I want to do is CLEAN. I’m so ready to nest!!

I had to take a break in writing this post because our cars got delivered, and because people here don’t like parking in their driveways so the guy couldn’t get down the street so I had to help by driving him back and forth to the truck.

Anyway, my mom will be here next Tuesday, and our stuff won’t be delivered until that Monday, unless by the grace of God it gets delivered early. Either way, I guess it’ll be good to have the help.

So, in other news, Dean has been going through an “I loooooove my penis” phase – he doesn’t say this, but he just wants to play with it ALL DAY LONG and we have tried everything, and we can’t keep him away from it except by some seriously creative distraction. And for nap and bedtime we have had to resort to buying one of the only 2T zip-up onesies out there (short sleeve and no feet for summer) because that is the ONLY way we can keep him from playing with it at night and waking up in a puddle.

I wish they made summer onesies/rompers in his size because during the day it has caused some problems – we go through quite a bit more clothes, but we also have had TWO poop incidents where his hands went a little further south and it seriously has been the most disgusting thing I’ve had to do since he was born. The first time it happened he was grossed out and wiped it ON THE COUCH (which thankfully had a slipcover on it) and I completely freaked out and scared him to death (#momfail). The second time it happened he walked up to me and said “ugh” and I saw it on his hands and quickly and quietly wiped his hands off and carried him upstairs to clean him up. Then once he was contentedly playing, I had to go around the house looking for where the poopsplosion happened (bottom of the stairs). Honestly I never understood how poopsplosions happened in all those memes where kidimgress have poop smeared on the walls, etc., but now I know. It just does. And you can try your damndest to prevent it but luck is not on your side with this, parents, so just be prepared. Or at least try not to freak out when it happens.

Other than his penis infatuation, he’s doing great. His personality just keeps developing and he’s such a fun, silly little person to be around. He also is very stubborn and has tantrums over things like toothbrushes, but fortunately they’re pretty short-lived.

Both of us have our first appointments with our new Texas doctors this week – him for his 18-month check-up, and me for my 28-week check-up.

I’m more nervous for mine than I am his because I’m terrified the doctors are going to tell me I’m too fat (I weigh what I did when Dean was born because I never lost my last 10 pounds before I got pregnant again. Thank you, Michael), and I’m afraid they’re going to tell me I have gestational diabetes again. With all the sweets this baby girl has craved (and I’ve tried to consume at a minimum) I would be devastated because it would be SO much harder this time. My appointment is tomorrow so I’ll try and remember to report my results.

Life has changed a lot in just a few short months and it’s going to change a whole lot more in 12 short weeks!